The Diary of Old and New Books is my diary of the books I read. As the name suggests, some of them are new and probably more of them will be old. It will go out once a week.

The diary is an attempt at a number of things: to establish a daily writing practice, to counter the attention diminishing result of lockdowns and tiered restrictions, to read more deeply and variously, and to spend less (or perhaps no time) on twitter.

I have changed the name of the old newsletter—because for various reasons I was not able to continue gardening much after my horticulture diploma programme ended and also because I feel newly odd about my attempts to garden my grief—to reflect this attempt, but will leave all the old posts up and will, I suspect, occasionally write longer posts and pick up old threads I’ve dropped. 

The idea has been inspired by Andrew Key’s film diary. The name is styled after the Museum of Old and New Art outside of Hobart, Tasmania, which is not a museum I particularly like but the name did and does make me laugh.