yesterday #5

on hills and other things i want

Yesterday I woke and didn’t feel like writing. I wanted only to walk to the top of a hill and back down again. I don’t live near enough a hill so, unfortunately, this was not possible. I added it to my catalogue of desires:

  • want a national food service

  • want, despite my neoprene shoes and protestations, to get sand between my toes and then to remove it

  • want to abolish the police 

  • want to swim, anywhere would be good but preferably the always too hot municipal pool in which I’ve spent well over a decade swimming

  • want to concentrate 

  • want increased testing 

  • want an old fashioned, the chime of ice against glass

  • want home-style cabbage from the silk road

  • want a new government 

  • want the opposition leader to focus on something other than ‘getting back to work’ or ‘reopening the economy’ like maybe adequate PPE, or a fucking pay rise for nurses, or transparency around care home infection rates, or why construction and call centre workers are still being asked to go to work in such patently unsafe conditions, or UBI

  • want an alternative to electoral politics 

  • want to walk past the Raz and mourn every shoe lost to its sticky floor

  • want top surgery and HRT and I want everyone else who wants it to get it too, not in three to five years but whenever they decide it might be necessary or nice

  • want to look for Jurgen at the freshy

  • want to come over for tea 

  • want someone to check me out

  • want to go to the Plex

  • when i get it i want to spend my UBI on leather

  • But yesterday, mostly, I just wanted to walk up a big hill, turn around and walk back down it again.

Image: Hill by Klaus